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my husband and I just had our third child, and I can say with total confidence that no child is the same. Our first was the heaviest sleeper, and even began sleeping through the night within the first month. We thought we had this parenting thing down. Well, then came baby number two where we had to be up with her every 2 hours of every night, she would cry if you put her down and was the lightest sleeper in the world. You so much as made a creek noise on the floor trying to walk away and she was up ready for another round. Well, needless to say we were at our wits ends with how to put that one to sleep. Then our family friends suggested a cradling swing. They said that it allows the child to think they are being rocked and moved while you are actually in the other room.

The very next day we went to Babies R Us to find more information on a cradling swing. We looked and ended up with the best Ingenuity Inlighten Cradling Swing. The swing had a swaddle protective hold so once she was swaddled it would not come undone in the swing. It also had a song choice to put soft music on while she slept. Then it had a speed tempo for the swing that we as the parents could be in control of. Well we were sold. We took it home and tried it out immediately. We learned early on that being a light sleeper, she did not respond to the music as much, but the swinging worked like a charm. We put her down and she stayed down. It gave us the freedom to help our other daughter during nap times, or make food for the family.

Our newest daughter is just 3 days old, so we do not know her patterns yet, but we are expecting to find a completely new third habit with this one. However, we are ready if it turns out she needs to be constantly rocked. The cradling swing is set up and ready to go any time we need, and we could not be more thankful. Now all we need to control is making sure big sissy does not poke at the new fascinating little thing next to her.

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My wife and I had always dreamed of owning a hot tub – of having a special place, just for us, bubbling away, waiting to give us that perfect moment of warmth, relaxation and togetherness at the end of a hard working day. In June 2013, thanks to the Spa Doctor, that dream finally became a reality, and without breaking the bank!
The summer of that year was warm, crisp and dry though, without the humid feeling that summer tended to provide around our home. My wife had been in the processing of changing jobs – a promotion – and we had some extra cash floating around. We finally decided to invest in something we had both been wanting for a long time, and started scouring the internet for local hot tub sale outlets.
There was a local place, just 15 miles away, a great big, friendly show room jammed full of all the latest hot tub machinery. There were small ones, metal ones, wooden ones, ones with flashing LED lights and built in speakers, but it was towards the end of our tour when we saw the one which we fell in love with. It was of modest size, with enough seats for four people and changeable bubbling strength. The temperature was finely controlled with the finest modern temperature sensors, and could be heated to temperature in an incredibly quick time, all while proving the most efficient in energy consumption in its class. The best feature was the small wooden hut it was housed in. The classic wooden doors swung open to reveal the hot tub in all its glory and made for an impressive entrance.
The purchasing was a breeze with our wonderful salesperson Tony seeing us through the whole thing in no time – and he even gave us a very sizeable discount! Financing was agreed and the delivery date was set. I took the morning off of work and the friendly team arrived to set us up. All in all it took around 3 hours to complete, after they had assembled the wooden housing, and plumbed in the main attraction. After leaving it to fill and empty a few times to fully prepare itself, we were finally ready the following Saturday evening to try it out.
It was incredible.
Some good food, a glass of wine and being with the one you love in your very own hot tub. Nothing beats it. I would highly recommend a hot tub to anyone.

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If you are looking for the perfect spa for your home, then pay careful attention to this experience from Mike from Turlock when he bought his.

For those of us just like Mike, he was just a regular hard working guy who wanted a nice spa at home to relax with the wife and family. After a hard day’s work, there’s not too many things better than coming back home for a nice soak and relaxation. Mike just wanted an affordable way to relax and energize his body without spending a fortune. He found out that you can great features at a bargain price.

Firstly, the first thing that Mike wanted to do is find the perfect place where he would be able to find a great deal, you know a place with a trustworthy and reliable spa dealer who could deliver a bargain. Locating the right spa dealer makes all the difference, Mike didn’t want to worry about hidden fees or any customer service nightmares. Luckily, Mike was able to find a wonderful spa dealer who provided valuable advice and direction. The dealer was able to let Mike know about the important considerations when choosing the right spa for the home.

Mike was able to find out about all the numerous options when it comes to spas for the home. Spas come in all kinds of shapes and varieties. It really depends on what fits best for your needs at your home. Mike was amazed to find all the different shapes available. The initial idea he had in his mind was quickly replaced by much better options. The dealer showed Mike some rectangular and hexagonal choices that far trumped the circular ones he was considering. Since it rains a great deal in his area, Mike also wanted to check out fantastic covers as well.

The dealer recommended the appropriate dimensions to fit Mike’s backyard. After all, it’s important that you put in the right size spa so you can enjoy the rest of the space without feeling too restricted. Mike was also surprised to discover all the various choices of material. Some spas are made of tougher hard-shell materials with strong resilience to withstand anything even the kids can throw at it. The dealer made the right recommendations taking into consideration the environment in which the spa Turlock Ca would be placed.

Finally, upon evaluating Mike’s requirements and overall budget, the spa dealer came up with some great choices for Mike who then made a decision that he was very happy with. Apparently, Mike’s wife and kids also love the decision he made since they’ve being using it every weekend since. We encourage you to get your own spa for your family too.

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Each step I took towards the door was filled with dread. I envisioned a used car salesman lurking on the other side of the glass, ready to pounce and beguile his way into my mind and con me into spending money. My wife held my hand as we passed a sign that read “Hot Tub and Sauna Sale!” She had dreamed of a Jacuzzi for years and, over a bottle of wine, had convinced me that I wanted one too. Here we were, pushing open the creaky door. At first the store seemed dark, but as my eyes adjusted the low light levels added to the atmosphere of the hot tubs. My wife snatched my arm and pulled me further into the store.

The expected ambush never came. I must confess, I knew nothing about hot tubs. Some were different colors and some were different sizes. Some were more brightly lit while others were louder. After pouring over the different brands, models, and prices, my wife suggested that we talk to a salesman. Her words kicked in my apprehension like the sudden impulse of a madman. I have spent my life avoiding salesmen and the wares that they peddle. My father lost his home, his car, and his wife because of the debt acquired under a salesman’s tutelage. The hot tubs San Jose had to offer were more than we were ready for, so we opted for help from the merchant named George. He was polite, attentive, and charming. I warned my wife that we would be lead to the expensive side of the store. She glared at me and smiled at George. Begrudgingly, I began to listen to what he was saying and less to the alarms in my head. He seemed interested in our situation. He asked about our home, our family, and what kind of hot tub we were looking for. He was appreciative to our budget.

To my surprise, he suggested that our needs were better suited towards a cheaper, more economical model. He showed us four or five options and explained the pros and cons of each. I believed he was trying to help and not to sell. I considered myself a student learning knowledge from a teacher. Needless to say, my wife got her hot tub. Yet, I got something too. I acquired a respect for a profession. I wasn’t pressured and I didn’t buy anything I didn’t want to. I am happy with my purchase and, after a hard days work, I can often be found soaking away stress under a canopy of stars.