How They Sleep

my husband and I just had our third child, and I can say with total confidence that no child is the same. Our first was the heaviest sleeper, and even began sleeping through the night within the first month. We thought we had this parenting thing down. Well, then came baby number two where we had to be up with her every 2 hours of every night, she would cry if you put her down and was the lightest sleeper in the world. You so much as made a creek noise on the floor trying to walk away and she was up ready for another round. Well, needless to say we were at our wits ends with how to put that one to sleep. Then our family friends suggested a cradling swing. They said that it allows the child to think they are being rocked and moved while you are actually in the other room.

The very next day we went to Babies R Us to find more information on a cradling swing. We looked and ended up with the best Ingenuity Inlighten Cradling Swing. The swing had a swaddle protective hold so once she was swaddled it would not come undone in the swing. It also had a song choice to put soft music on while she slept. Then it had a speed tempo for the swing that we as the parents could be in control of. Well we were sold. We took it home and tried it out immediately. We learned early on that being a light sleeper, she did not respond to the music as much, but the swinging worked like a charm. We put her down and she stayed down. It gave us the freedom to help our other daughter during nap times, or make food for the family.

Our newest daughter is just 3 days old, so we do not know her patterns yet, but we are expecting to find a completely new third habit with this one. However, we are ready if it turns out she needs to be constantly rocked. The cradling swing is set up and ready to go any time we need, and we could not be more thankful. Now all we need to control is making sure big sissy does not poke at the new fascinating little thing next to her.